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  • How do I book for an out of state pop up?
    You can submit a consultation form and choose your desired city. I will be contacting you via text message discussing pricing and availability.
  • How do I claim a tattoo design?
    All flash designs are available on the design page. A deposit is required to claim. Once claimed, you may book your appointment spot on my booking page. It is recommended to view availability before claiming designs.
  • What should I know before booking an appointment?
    Before booking an appointment, you should keep my policies in mind; - You must be 18 years or older to get tattooed (ID required). - A consultation is required before booking unless you have purchased a design from my Design Page (designs marked "Prices Vary" require consultation. - I will not duplicate artwork. Full creative freedom during my design process is required. - A deposit is required to secure an appointment date, I do not create tattoo designs without an appointment deposit. - I only do simple tattoos on specific dates, see booking page. - Creative freedom is required for coverups.
  • How do I find out pricing?
    You can view my starting prices on my booking page. Before booking, please submit a consultation form. Pricing for flash designs are listed on the design page.
  • Is there a minimum price?
    Yes, there is a $300 minimum for custom tattoos besides simple tattoo days. You can find flash tattoos that are under $300 on my design page.
  • What should I do for aftercare?
    You will receive an email about aftercare apon check-in.
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